How It Works    

Joining My Sci Fi Club is Simple! Select your favorite category — Science Fiction or Fantasy or "Surprise Me!"    We do the rest!  That's two hardcover books for less than the price of one trade paperback book!

Step 1

Select your category —Science Fiction or Fantasy or Surprise Me! 

Step 2

Select a subscription plan that is right for you and then take off for new worlds! 

Step 3

Take off for new worlds!

What kinds of titles can you expect?

The books you'll receive are all well-regarded titles. They're written by authors that you'll likely recognize. Movies run the gamut from classic Hollywood to recent releases; from little-known independent films to Hollywood blockbusters. Part of the fun is seeing what you get and discovering books and films you might otherwise never have the opportunity to enjoy. 

My Sci Fi Club is the perfect gift for the science fiction and fantasy lover in your life. They'll thank you every month when their package arrives.  ONLY $9.99 Per Month!


My Sci Fi Club is your one-stop monthly service for science fiction and fantasy books. Each box contains two books based on your preferences and a FREE DVD. Our team consists of book lovers and movie collectors, so you can be assured that the titles we select for you each month will be entertaining and match your interests.  ONLY $9.99 per month plus shipping!